"I just want thank @blood_knot for my little package. I have to say that it is some of the finest cordage that I have ever had the privilege of handling! The cordage is hard lay and a dream to work with."

Peart, aka Johnny Debt, UK

"1st thing I thought was, did this come out of an Egyptian tomb... sealed away, yet still in pristine condition? It has a rare kinda of royalty to it. Almost perfect memory, incredible consistency. The colours and minute mixtures of threads have to be seen in real life. Intricate and pretty especially under magnification. Then you tie a knot is and go "Damn! did I do that?" 

Paul Hart, Brisbane, Australia

"I've worked with some cords that lose their stiffness the more you work them but your product retains that hard laid quality throughout. Very nice to work with. Thanks again"

Roger Banks, Austin, Texas, USA

Blood Knot has a beautifully hand spun hard laid cord selection. A subtle range of colours and sizes from new and vintage cotton. Ordering is straight forward and shipment always timely. Having spent years happily working with synthetic cordage I now find a whole new world has opened up for me and I'm starting to tie the knots that I have only ever stared at in books. Blood Knot cord is and absolute dream to work with.

Mac Mackenzie - @the23rdcat, Sydney, Australia

Wow! It looks beautiful and I will work with it immediately. Thanks so much for including the red. All of the hanks are superb colors and much better than the internet photos can show. I will definitely send you photos of sculptures in which the cord is used! A pleasure. 

Jason Knapp, Indiana, USA