The Blurb


The Blurb

Blood Knot

“ The DoubleOverhand Knot is called a Blood Knot when used 

on a cat-o’-nine-tails, or on the snapper of an ox whip.”

The Ashley Book of Knots

It is also a very beautiful knot in its perfect simplicity and symmetry. For those who may shy away from its brutal history, it was also the knot used by monks to weigh down the spartan lengths of rope with which they tied their cassocks. 

My interest in knots stems from my father, who taught me macrame and many practical knots more than 45 years ago. This fascination has grown as my knowledge in the craft and its history has expanded. I’m a restless soul and need to be constantly learning. In knotting there is lots to learn.

For knots to be seen at their best they should be tied in what’s called hard laid cord. The hardness of the cord allows the knots to hold their form. Once you’ve gone ‘hard lay’ it’s hard to go back. Sadly the legendary Belfast Cords, the last commercial manufacturer of quality hard laid cord, went out of business many years ago. There are some dedicated artisans who have filled the void and custom make beautiful hard laid cord. These artisans sparked my curiosity, which in turn led to hours of research and experimentation. Eventually, using mostly bike parts and good luck, I came up with a working cord twister. After much more experimenting with weights, counter weights and adjustments to tensions and resistances. I have finally started to produce cord I can be proud of. 

This site is mostly here to help me share my cord around but I will also have some of my knotted pieces for sale as I make them. My real job keeps me pretty busy so for the moment this will remain a labour of love. 

If you have ideas you’d like me to help you with, please drop me a line. If I can be of help I’m a happy man.

Philip Le Masurier